Wednesday Neothink Mentor call 12Jul2017

Fellow Visionaries,

Tonight, for the July 12, 2017, EDITION OF TVP/3KYOS NIGHT, Loren and I continued our 5th run through our book, THE 3000-YEAR-OLD SECRET by Mark Hamilton.

Specifically, we read pages 307-318, which is “CHAPTER 45 – MIND MUSCLE — STEP SEVEN.”  This chapter is found in “PART THREE – NEOTHINK.”

Prior to our reading, Michael provided two quotations.  One concerning the danger imposed to human life by the use of organophosphates, such as Round-up, in our environment; and the other about similar danger imposed by the use of fluoridation.

Afterwards, Michael provided an excellent, detailed review of what we had just read.

Live long and prosper,


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